Parking Equipment

Hydro-Park 1127

Car Stacker

Hydro-Park 1127 & 1123 are the most popular parking stackers, quality proven by more than 20,000 users in the past 10 years. They provide a simple and greatly cost-effective way to create 2 dependent parking spaces above each other, suitable for permanent parking, valet parking or car storage. Operation can be easily made by a key switch panel on control arm

Posts can be shared, saving cost and space on additional units in linked configuration.

Lifting Capacity:                      2700 kg
Max. Vehicle Height:              2,050 mm
Max. Vehicle Length:              5000 mm
Max Vehicle Width:                 1850 mm
Overall Width:                          2,547 mm
Lifting Time:                             Approx 50 seconds
Lowering Time:                        Approx. 35 seconds
Electricity:                                  415 3 phase, or 220V single phase options.

Hydro-Park 2236

Parking lift

Specially developed for heavy-duty parking purpose based on traditional 4 post car lift, offering parking capacity 3600kg for heavy SUV, MPV, pickup, etc. Hydro-Park 2236 has rated lifting height of 1800mm, while Hydro-Park 2336 is 2100mm. Two parking spaces are offered above each other by each unit. They can also be used as car lift by removing the patented movable cover plates at platform center. User can operate by the panel mounted on front post.

Lifting Capacity:                      3600 kg
Max. Vehicle Height:              1800 mm (or 2100mm version)
Platform Length:                     4200 mm
Platform Width:                       2150 mm
Overall Width:                          2,450 mm
Overall Length:                        4967 mm
Lifting Time:                             Approx 40 seconds
Lowering Time:                        Approx. 40 seconds
Electricity:                                  415 3 phase, or 220V single phase options.