Express Service Trolley


These days to continually improve your vehicle servicing processes is not just a smart thing to do, it is a necessity. The UNIPAC Express Service System (ESS) when used in conjunction with a carefully designed servicing process will dramatically increase the efficiency in the workshop. The system is designed to improve servicing efficiency and safety and above all increase customer convenience.

The ESS reduces non-productive movement during the servicing process. It removes the need for manual handling of heavy vehicle wheels. It allows a single technician to easily and efficiently conduct an express service.

  • Made from industrial grade stainless steel
  • Pneumatic wheel lifter
  • Integrated user controls
  • Ergonomically positioned auxiliary ports for various pneumatic tools (i.e. impact wrench, blow-gun, etc.)
  • Tray with customised tool slots
  • Removable second tray
  • Foot brake
  • Heavy duty rotational casters
  • Customised holsters (i.e. Impact wrench, brake bleeder, etc.)