Tyre Changers

Sice Tyre Changers

Sice S45 Top automatic tyre changer

Sice is one of the leading Italian tyre equipment manufacturers founded in Correggio, Italy 1964. Part of the Nexion group, Sice's   product range includes Tyre changers, wheel balancers, Alignment machines and much more. Machine for everything from cars &   motorbikes, right through to heavy agriculture & mining equipment. New products in the lineup include a touchless wheel alignment   pre-check with integrated tread depth reader. 

Century Tyre Changers

Cen-990 top value tyre changer with help arm.

Our Century branded tyre changers were hand picked from the manufacturer over 10 years ago for their value and quality. We stock a select few models to keep things simple with all spare parts and consumables available in stock. For a quality machine that won't be beaten on value have a look at the Century-990 with Help Arm.